Awesome Apps for Families Exploring Outdoors

Awesome Apps for Families Exploring Outdoors

Awesome Apps for Families Exploring Outdoors

Expanding on a post I wrote more than a year ago, I'm going to share  more of the best mobile apps for families exploring the great outdoors. My sons are techie, especially my older one. So, I've discovered some mobile apps to help bridge the gap between modern tech and enjoying nature. Load some of these for your next adventure outdoors.

I've hunted down, "Field Guide," apps to help you field all your child's questions about native plants and wildlife; listed every *Official* US State & Nat'l Park app I could find and included some apps that will make finding local outdoor adventures right around the corner.

Finding Your Outdoors
Get outdoors your way with these apps designed to help you locate outdoor recreation suitable for you and your family.

ParksNReviews (free) - Website, Android, iPhone
Find just the right outdoor location with the ParksNReviews website or app. With over 15,000 parks listed, you're bound to find destinations near you to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. Download the app and instantly access information about outdoor recreation opportunities within a 25 mile radius. You can narrow your search results by choosing the exact amenities/activities you're looking for from playgrounds, dog parks, or just a quiet natural place.




AllTrails (free) - Website, Android, iPhone
This awesome app has free & pro versions. Locate trails (along with other activities/facilities) near you, keep track of your completed trails, share trails with friends and save them for offline use. It's a pretty nifty app to have and may help you make many discoveries while travelling or hanging in your own neighborhood!



Parkopolo (free) - iPhone
This iPhone only app helps you find just the right National Park for you by allowing you to searchby name, distance & activities. Once you find the park you're looking for you'll also find details including directions, hours, and contact information.



There is this modern-day "treasure hunting," game that uses GPS coordinates to lead you to hidden caches just about everywhere you can imagine. Just sign up & learn how to play at Then, download one of the apps and you're on your way!

c:geo - The Free Geocaching App on Google Play Store  | iTunes? Official App - $10  on Google Play Store | iTunes


Nature Educational, Identification, Field Guides Apps
We've all been there... out in the forest with a child who asks every question we could never think of, sparking our own curiosity about the world around us. Next time you run across those beautiful wildflowers, find leaves of a different color or spot some wildlife.. be ready with these handy apps that will help you identify and learn more.

Natnatlparkfieldguideional Parks Field Guide (free) - iPhone only
Created for The National Parks Conservation Association, the folks behind eNature bring you this interactive field guide that will aide you in identifying & learning about the native species that call our National Parks home, sweet, home.




Project NoahProject NOAH: Project Noah is an award-winning mobile application that helps nature lovers discover local wildlife and aspiring citizen scientists contribute to current research projects. Noah stands for networked organisms and habitats. Think of Project Noah as a tool people can use to document and learn about their natural surroundings and as a technology platform research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. Read on to find out how it all works.

Project Noah Screenshots



iBird: The Lite Version is free. Designed specifically for the Android, iBird Lite contains 30 birds, 50 illustrations, 127 photos, 58 audio recordings of bird calls, 30 range maps and comprehensive facts to help you identify and enjoy some of the most popular birds in North America. No Internet connection required. iBird Pro is $9.99. iBird YardPlus is $2.95.


iBird Screenshots


Audubon Apps

Audubon Field Guides: Most are $9.99. Awesome collection of field guides, although rather expensive. The best selling and authoritative National Audubon Society Field Guides have gone mobile. Now you have nature at your fingertips with these new apps for the iPhone, iTouch, Android and iPad. Powerful and easy to use, these apps put thousands of beautiful photographs and illustrative content in the palm of your hand.



Great US Nat'l Park & Official State Park Apps
I'm providing my growing pinterest board of collected US Nat'l Park Apps in hopes that it will help you discover and explore more of our rich heritage. In addition to that, I've scoped out all of the OFFICIAL State Parks apps for each state in the USA to help you avoid those pesky ad-laden tourist apps.

National Park Information, Education, Maps & Guides
Check out this pinterest board with the best US National Park Apps.

- Please recheck your ID.

US State Parks Official Apps
50 Free Official US State Parks Apps - Download the apps for the State Parks in your area or the ones along your travel route for up-to-date information and activities! <-- Check out this list.

50 free state park apps


Do you have favorite outdoor apps? Let me know in the comments below!! 

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