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Openness: Wild Wonder, Natural Curiosity, True Appreciation

This is why I do what I doThis is why I do what I do. I will only be with them for this very brief window in the history of planet earth. I want to leave them with open eyes, open arms, open minds and open hearts.  -Candy Cook

I've been posting a lot of fantastic things to do over the summer and giving away many family fun items. But, as fall breezes in, I need to get back to my roots as a human being on this planet and start writing more about my life experience on planet earth. After all, that is the reason I have a blog in the first place. It's my attempt to share, with others, the life experiences that shape and impact us as humans.

I never began anything with the intention of running around town like a chicken with my head cut off trying to attend events or do every thing. This is my LIFE. I don't have time for that. What I do have time for are high quality experiences that have a true impact on my outlook, my children's worldview and leave us with a rich awareness & lasting memory. 

The truth is... There are many awesome benefits to living so close to Atlanta. There's never a shortage of things to do.. The many attractions, museums, learning centers and sights to see are never ending. Most of them are quite fun & interesting. There are so many competing for our attention and they can be enjoyable, entertaining and even educational. But, there's something that matters a whole lot more than those things.


Cumberland Island


Openness to life, to adventure, to exploration & learning... Open eyes to the miracles we experience every single day on planet earth. Miracles like breathing, drinking water, growing live plants out of dirt. It's a miracle. But, with all of the fancy gizmos and blaring diversions, everywhere we turn, we don't often pause long enough to truly experience these simple, natural things as the miracles they are.

Family on BikesWhat I wish most for my children is a sense of openness... the kind of openness I felt exploring the Everglades or kayking in the GTM National Estuarine Research Reserve. The kind of openness that I experienced standing completely alone on Cumberland Island National Seashore, peering into a vast scroll of clouds over an endless ocean. Whatever that feeling is when I'm pedaling my bike alongside my son through the quiet forest, or  watching the cypress trees as we glide along the waters of the Okefenokee. What is that when we spend an hour examining some micro-habitat on the banks of a creek? Wild Wonder, Natural Curiosity, True Appreciation for our lives together, connected by this miracle planet, earth. 

That is what I want to bring to my sons, to my readers & friends, to the people I interact with everyday. Open arms to embrace the best and the worst we get to experience on planet earth. Open mind to think freely and navigate the questions of life & open heart to take it all in and return it as a great appreciation for our lives.  I want to explore life and be rich with experiencing planet earth while I'm here - not chasing after some fleeting moment of merriment. That's just not me.. never was and never will be.

Cumberland in Black and White

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