February Reflections & Explorers Log

One small step – February Reflections and Explorers Log

February Reflections & Explorers Log

Hi y’all! I’m treating myself and my friends to monthly reflections, this year. These are meant to help me keep track and make sense of things. I am one of those creative types that flourish in clutter and chaos. I’m also the first to admit that my way is no way to keep any sort of order.

Our February Reflection is courtesy of the Little Ocmulgee River and Neil Armstrong.
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong

February Reflection courtesy of Little Ocmulgee River. #gastateparks

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I took my advice from January's reflection and slowed down. Mother Nature helped me out by making it really cold and giving us a good dusting of snow. We didn't visit nearly as many places, in February, as we did in January. The places we did visit left a lasting impression on me.. the same as I left my footprints on them. This February, I was reminded that we don't have to be the first man to walk on the moon for our footprints to leave a lasting impression on our lives, on others and on our planet.

February Explorers Log

  Feb 4: Lullwater Preserve - I was shocked to find the ruins, at Lullwater, completely covered in graffiti. Are these the footprints of artists or vandals? Are they one in the same?

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Feb 7: Track Rock Gap Archaeological Site - Native Americans left their footprints, at Track Rock, by carving petroglyphs into these boulders. Vandals left their footprints by taking pieces of the petroglyphs home with them, preventing us from seeing the full story.

Exploring on a sunny day in February #outdoorfamilies

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Feb 7: Vogel State Park - A decade later, I retrace the footsteps of my husband and I as we walked together to see Vogel Falls on our first anniversary.

The waterfall at Vogel State Park in the N. Georgia mountains. #gastateparks #waterfall #happy

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Feb 7: Helton Creek Falls - A short walk leads to these beautiful falls.

Just a short walk to view Helton Creek Falls! #georgia #waterfalls #happy

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Feb 7: Brasstown Bald - We watched the sunset from the highest elevation in Georgia.

Goodnight, Georgia from Brasstown Bald! #exploregeorgia #sunset #nofilter

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Feb 8: Ocmulgee National Monument - Lots of footprints found here.. from the rise of a Native American trading center, to the civil war, railroads and archaeological excavations.

The view from the Great Temple Mound at Ocmulgee National Monument #exploregeorgia #happy

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Feb 9: Little Ocmulgee State Park - Our February Camp, and the site of February's reflection.

Such a beautiful and peaceful hike this morning among cypress, live Oak & Pine! #gastateparks #happy

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Feb 11: Baked a Birthday Cake for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's 90th anniversary! How many footprints are left on the Appalachian Trail each year?

Look at the Appalachian Trail cake we made for #atc90th with help from @365atlantafamily ! #happy @appalachiantrail

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Feb 14: Funk Heritage Center - National Trail of Tears Historic Site - Thousands of Cherokee Indians were forced to walk the Trail of Tears.

Today, exploring a site along Georgia's Chieftains Trail. #exploregeorgia #happy

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Feb 21: Panola Mountain State Park - An impressive hike, of a preserved natural area, really opened my eyes to the impact of our footsteps.

Simply amazing hike with the naturalist at Panola Mountain State Park. #gastateparks #happy

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Feb 25: Snow Day! - Finally, Mother Nature gave us some snow. I love the crunch, of my footsteps, in the snow.

Have to enjoy it while it's here. Snow doesn't last long in the south. #exploregeorgia #snowday #happy

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