Simple Activities for Hiking with Kids Vol. 1

3 Things: Simple Activities to do while Hiking with Kids #1

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Simple Activities for Hiking with Kids Vol. 1

3 Things is a simple series on Happy Trails Wild Tales to inspire and motivate outdoor play for all ages. Stay tuned every week as we explore 3 more things.

My oldest son at 13 years old, teeters on the edge of being a naturalist and a high-tech geek. I consider this an awesome combination that will serve him well in a future that will rely on our advanced technology to help explore and protect our planet. However, maintaining this delicate balance with a peaceful and positive parenting attitude requires a lot of patience and creativity. These simple activities have proven themselves excellent motivators to get (and keep) kids interested in the trail.

Touch Texture Scavenger Hunt

A twist on the traditional scavenger hunt is to find items according to texture. This activity will get you and the kids in touch with nature! This printable graphic is 3.5x5, perfect for carrying along on your next nature walk. Click the image below to print the fullsize scavenger hunt cardBe sure you can identify poison ivy, posion oak, and poison sumac to avoid including them in your finds!

Touch Texture Scavenger Hunt
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Easy to find Animal Tracks

Raccoon Tracks

Animal tracks (and other signs of animals) are actually quite easy to spot, if you know what you're looking for and where to look. One of the best places for beginners to find tracks is the sandy or muddy banks of a body of water. Kids absolutely love to see signs of wildlife. So, print out this handy field guide and start practicing! Click the image below to print the fullsize version.

Finding Animal Tracks with Kids
Finding Animal Tracks with Kids

Magnify the tiniest plants

Take a magnifying glass along on your hikes and get down on your hands and knees to explore the tiny world. You'll be surprised at how fascinating the tiny world becomes when its magnified for better viewing. What begins as taking a closer look at a plant leads to discovering an entire micro-world complete with insect inhabitants and other wonders.

Thirsty little ant.

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